Blackjack counting systems



A lot of people keep asking me about the best method for card counting. Let us tell you at the outset it's a tough question to answer and there is no such best system. However, you might have gone through my posts in Blackjack forum where we have categorically mentioned that we prefer Hi-Opt II count, just because we found it easy to use and at the same time it's quite powerful.

The thumb rule is- if you think you are familiar with a particular counting system, you better ought to stick with it, without worrying about getting the best Counting system. Trust us; there are a lot many methods to make money in a Blackjack game instead of switching your counting system. What matters is how you "act" in the game than any other complex mathematical computation.

Once you get to know the strategies and system of the game really well, card counting would seem trivial and you may find it boring. Instead, you should put your efforts on acting like you aren't a card counter and thusly engage the game dealers and bosses in your talks. Even flirting with the casino waitresses is a great idea to disrupt everybody's attention.

Higher and lower levels of card counting

Quite a few players find this strategy quite easy to deal with and they are always on the lookout for learning higher steps in it. Higher step in card counting strategy imply assigning values to the cards except zero, plus one or minus one. Similarly, there is something called "Multi parameter counting strategy" which is assigning distinct count for different cards. It can be easily said that these higher steps in card counting strategies are most of the times quite accurate in comparison to other simple levels. However, it is advised that one should better stick with the simpler levels of card counting. Even the more serious ones and professionals depend on lower levels of card counting strategies.

Of all the numerous systems available currently, it is quite difficult to pin point a single system and vote it as the best. We compare various systems by betting correlations along with their efficiencies. We will suggest you all to go through my book that we specifically wrote for the intricacies involved in the game, titled "The Blackjack formula".

There authors have given a nice comparison of various popular counting systems. A lot more systems have been compared and discussed in details in the book. Barring a few minor deviations my methodology holds true for most of the systems and those are ranked as per the money they help in making in addition to its accuracy. At the end what we found and what we can say with firm conviction is that high level counting systems fare better than the lower level systems, but the difference is meager at just 1%.