Guides on how to play Blackjack Online and different ways of doing so


A game as sophisticated as Blackjack demands knowledge of multiple complex and tiring strategies with tactics that lead from card counting all the way down to the psychology of the dealer.

With a long to do list in mind we created this little page for the humor involved in Blackjack.

The Dealer

Addressed to the card counters: It's considered to be bad camouflage to wink at the dealer, especially if you're of the same sex.

Don't even bother to count the cards at the table with your fingers.

Never try to make the dealer loose his mind by staring at him for a long time because in the end he might be in need of medical help.

Tip for Tat

One afternoon in a luxurious Vegas casino when most of the blackjack tables are empty a part from one where there is a quiet argument between the dealer and a customer. It's been a difficult day the customer was horrible, and the hands weren't better.

The player is sitting there with 13 points on his hands; an hour passed an idea of tipping the waiter arisen with the sight of it happening at the next table. Then the player tells the dealer "You are not the one to blame if the cards are bad, you are not the one to thank when they are good, then why should you get a tip?"

The dealer responds "When you go out for dinner do you leave tips for the waiter?"

'Of course.'

"The exact thing here. If the waiter is not the cook, unable to manage the cooking process than I am in the same position."

"You've got a point, can I receive an 8 first?"


A letter was sent with the following:

Dear James,

It was foolish of me to brake off our engagement. I have been suffering every day ever since, I'm ready for anything to return everything to their places. Let's make love forever…..


Love + kisses,


PS. I forgot to congratulate you on the jackpot that you won last week.