Card Values


The first and foremost thing that one must know before playing Blackjack is that, contrary to what people think suit is not really as important as it seems in the game. What matters is the value of each and every card or hand. The main motive of the game play is to get a hand value of more than twenty one or achieve a total point that's more than that of dealer without getting busted.

Ace has the value of one or eleven points, that's discretionary to the player which can be used for the most profitable way. A soft hand is a hand that has an Ace. It is said so because if you, as a player take hit, you won't go busted as the Ace will be considered as One and not Eleven.

The face cards namely, the king, queen and jack are often 10 points each while the remaining cards posses the value of the number that is there on the cards.

Ten's: The Most significant Cards

It is not any secret that Tens are quite important in comparison to the other cards in the deck and there are a handful of reasons for this fact. Firstly, the number of Tens in a deck is a lot more than any other cards. While playing Blackjack it holds a lot more importance, as along with an Ace it will straightaway give a sum total of 21, which will lead to a payout of 3 to 2. That helps in getting the player an edge over his opponents.

Fives: Equally important Cards

If there were no cards like Fives and Tens it would in a way mean that Card counting just wouldn't have existed. Fives are generally considered to be the cards that lead you to get busted as they give you Stiff hand.

However, on the contrary if you manage to get all the fives in the deck, then you can be rest assured that you have again got the edge and you could have the last laugh with just one change.