Online blackjack, Tips and Card values, know your game!


When playing another game of Blackjack the decisions you make, make a big difference: it has nothing in common with roulette in which it's only up to you to make a decision of bet based on your luck. In a game of blackjack it's your duty to know the rules and know how to act in any situation thrown your way. Make sure to read the tips section of our site for more info.

Basic Blackjack Strategy

The first thing you need to do in order to be successful at playing Blackjack online is to stick to a chosen basic strategy. When speaking about a basic strategy we mean a defined list of actions in response to all the types of situations you could be facing in blackjack online or blackjack in real life. The scientifically best hand plays already have been fine selected for you.

To tell you the truth diverting for the mentioned strategy will only higher the house end and drastically lower your chances to win. Use our topic about blackjack counting systems for more details.

Virtual Blackjack Training

After mastering at least one of the basic strategies there are a few sites that offer you to practice your skill for free. With the help of such sites you have a chance to perfect you skills in blackjack and develop a gameplay of your own that will suit you best.

Different Game Variations

Blackjack on its own has a great amount of different versions to it, if you're bored with one just switch up and have a go at another one, the game will never be the same again.

Let's take Spanish 21 for example which is played without 10's and adds a couple extra rules that make up for the missing cards. Other games that offer a chance of side bets will give you a bigger shot at the riches, based on your intuition they will allow you to increase your bet if you feel the right cards coming your way. So spend some time reading about the possibilities of this great game and read up on the many ways it can be played.