Privacy Policy


Vernon Downs never provide, sell or sell the personal information of any user through Vernon Downs or taken from the strategic partners of this site without the permission of the user. The site will only provide the information of the user in the following circumstances:

  • If there is any kind of legal process associated with the user such as a search warrant, subpoena or court order.
  • Regarding any kind of regulatory, administrator or legal requirements with government officials.
  • In case of any dispute, claim or legal proceedings with the partners, contractors, attorneys, employees, agents, directors, officers or the affiliates and subsidiaries of Vernon Downs; Vernon Downs will disclose personal information to protect and defend the site.
  • To carry on the website's rules and regulations.
  • Preventing the site from any external harm.
  • For performing the functions of businesses that are used by Vernon Downs. For instance, transactions through credit card.
  • If Vernon Downs is included in any kind of assignment, transfer or sale of its own websites or properties.
  • Will provide the information to the affiliates and strategic partners of the site in order to track the information regarding the reservations of the hotel associated with the affiliate programs. And the commission for auditing and calculating that has to be paid to the hotel during the stay.