Shuffle Traking


A brief history of Shuffle Tracking

Card counting in a Blackjack game is altogether different from Shuffle tracking, nonetheless they are interrelated. You must have been counting your cards in the earlier shoe in order to be able to track the shuffle.

Shuffle tracking provides you an edge by letting you know the way the dealer is managing the cards. Normally casinos have their own ways to thwart the attempts by the shuffle trackers to track the cards; however to an extent it is certainly doable.

If the casino you are playing in uses no tactic to avoid the shuffle trackers, what they will do is they will shuffle the cards while they are being split. Which in a way imply that cards in each bundle is also going be the in the same bundle until the next shoe. In simpler terms, it will mean that if you manage to find that the final shoe is concluding with a plus ten then the first card will obviously be a minus ten. Easy it may sound; it's not that easy in reality. To make it successful you need to be very watchful of the cards, especially the bottom of the pile.

How do they do it?

Many a time players are given the opportunity for cutting the deck while the game is being started. This way it's a bit easier for you. You just need to ask to allow you to cut the deck if at all it is possible. Normally, nobody at the table would have any such issue with it. Now, as you get that opportunity you need to cut the deck in such a way that at the top most pile lays the bottom shoe.

It should be clearer with this explanation- suppose the bundle of cards was put at third-fourth of the deck, then your attempt should be to cut the deck down from the mid in such a way that the three fourth portion gets on the top portion of the deck. If you are able to utilize this trick properly then you should keep increasing the bets in the game gradually.

Like mentioned earlier, there are a lot of casinos that employ their own tactics to avoid anybody trying shuffle tracking. Many of these tactics include splitting the bundles and mixing them with other bundle or pile of the cards in such a way that predicting the position gets quite difficult. You still can try to keep an eye on the cards while they are being split and shuffled into other pile of cards. Now it actually gets quite tough to predict the exact position of the hot spots, but still can make out where the high cards along with the aces are placed.

The shuffle tracking is a means to help you be in the game by giving you an idea of the position of the high card in the shoe. The logic is pretty simple: If you feel the high cards are on the top of the shoe, then you are safe are all good to go, conversely if they are at the bottom you should take a leave right away.